Our Premises

A move in 1956 from Worcester to new premises at Malvern gave the company more space to build larger organs. However, as time went on, its inefficient layout hindered the development of the firm and the decision was taken for a further move in 2003 to much larger, modern premises.


Our spacious premises are laid out for efficient working within a pleasant and safe working environment, situated in inspiring countryside near Malvern. We have excellent facilities: for woodworking to the highest standards (including our comfortable consoles), for bellows and all types of leatherwork, for many designs of note and stop actions, an electrical department, voicing shops for flue and reed pipes, and are one of the few British companies retaining its own metal shop for the manufacture and restoration of pipes. We were early leaders in the field of computer-aided design and our work now benefits from our great experience in this field.

A plantation of Christmas trees surrounds the building and there are fishing lakes close by. The floor area, covering some 1250 square metres (13500 square feet), is three times that of the previous workshops. The building shop measures 10m x 10m with generous headroom, enabling large organs to be assembled fully.