All Saints Clifton
I am delighted to hear what has been achieved in the reconfiguration of the All Saints organ by Nicholson. The action is wonderful - it is responsive, sensitive and very manageable when coupled, with very little sensitivity lost when all three manuals are coupled. The balance of the divisions of the organ has been evened out, resulting in a clearer, more transparent sound. The Cremona on the positive division is a beautiful addition to the instrument, making that division more flexible. The All Saints organ was, and still is, an iconic instrument in the history of British organ building, displaying many diverse characteristics of the trends prevalent of its era. The current rebuild of the organ has placed those elements in perspective without dismantling the original vision for the instrument and it is now a finely balanced, musical instrument of even greater flexibility than the original. Bravo to all concerned! Read full letterExtract from letter from Colin Andrews, International Concert Organist/Adjunct Professor of Organ, Indiana University, USA
All Saints Clifton
It was an absolute thrill to have the organ back in action at All Saints yesterday, and the congregation gave it a large round of applause after a good work out in the main service. I am absolutely delighted with the work that you and all your colleagues have done, and I am particularly pleased that we made the right decision in entrusting the work to Nicholsons, and the faith and care you have shown in realising the potential of this instrument. We are very fortunate. Please pass my thanks and those of all of us at All Saints to your colleagues, and best wishes for the continuing success of the firm.John Davenport - Organist, All Saints Clifton
Malvern Priory
It was a pleasure for me to play your interesting organ; I didn't realise I was playing a recital, but the organ gave me the impression of being somewhere in heaven or higher dimensions... It was a nice moment, I'll never forget!Kristiaan Seynhave – Concert organist
Bury Parish Church
Messrs Nicholson & Co (Worcester) have done a splendid job for us and we now have a very fine instrument which I am sure will not only enhance services and worship but also give many years of pleasure. We strongly recommend Nicholson to any other church contemplating work to their organ as we found both their management and staff extremely helpful and co-operative in all aspects of the restoration.Extract from letter from John Allen (PCC Vice Chairman) to the Diocesan Registry, Manchester dated 9 Jan 2009
St Michael's, Cornhill
This was the first time I’ve heard the organ since the rebuild. I think Nicholson & Co have done an AMAZING job! I want to hear it again.

The real surprise was the beauty of the softer fluework. It really has a character all of its own now.

The organ has been given a distinctive sound.Paul Joslin, Organ Consultant
St Barnabas, Ealing
The rebuilding of the 1877 Hill organ from St Jude's Southsea into St Barnabas Ealing London W14 is a remarkable achievement. Credit must be given to Nicholson & Co of Malvern in their attention to detail from the outset, in making this such a successful project.Paul Joslin, Organ Consultant
St Barnabas, Ealing
She is absolutely magnificent, and I felt I must write to you personally to thank all at Nicholson’s for the job you have done. It is a real testament to the quality of workmanship and professionalism to all at Nicholson’s that St Barnabas will have such a terrific instrument to enhance its worship for many years to come. I can’t wait to get my hands on it properly!Mr P C Jeanes, Director Music NHEHS
Llandaff Cathedral
Wow – it is Rolls-Royce of organs – responsive, comfortable to play, every note clear, and even a safe and easy access to the console. Your company’s attention to detail is superb. I wish we had an organ of this standard in Reading!Mark D Jameson
Llandaff Cathedral
Richard Moorhouse gave us a talk on the instrument and played Bridge's Adagio in E, which immediately alerted us to the wonderful sound of this fine organ. All I can say is that it is a masterpiece - thoroughly practical for service accompaniment and a fine recital instrument as well. The sound spreads throughout the Cathedral and has power as well as refinement. The choruses are beautifully developed and the whole thing is a pleasure to play. Dr Roy Massey was there and gave a startling improvisation showing off all the facets of the organ.

I so hope they manage to complete the Solo etc which would then make it one of the finest instruments in the country. You have broken the mould and the hegemony of the Classical organ, but without abandoning some of the principles of the Organ Reform Movement. I think the future could be rather exciting!Richard Francis, Herefordshire Society of Organists