New Instruments

If the restoration or rebuilding of an instrument proves to be impracticable, the only solution may be to design, build and install a new organ. This may not be as expensive an option as might be imagined, and is an exciting and visionary prospect.

Nicholson & Co has a long history of making new organs of all sizes for churches, schools and other establishments. This tradition continues with, on the one hand, the large 2010 four-manual instrument in Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff, and on the other, a two-manual parish church instrument created in 2011 for Boxmoor, Hertfordshire.

There is no set house style at Nicholson, though our concept is rooted essentially in the English tradition of beautiful, natural, singing tone. Once our clients have decided that a new organ is needed, we will discuss with them at length to determine their requirements and aspirations. It is important that consideration be given to where the new organ will be sited, as sufficient space and height are vital, and whether there are any proposed planned changes to the building which may affect the position or tone of the instrument.

The appearance of an organ is of paramount importance as it will be viewed as an object far more than it will be heard as a musical instrument. Nicholson is highly experienced in casework design of all types – from the historically informed styles crafted for churches such as St Nicholas, Gosforth, to dramatic modern designs both large (Llandaff Cathedral) and small (Westhoughton, near Bolton). We are fortunate in being able to draw on the services of one of Europe’s most experienced architect organ-case designers.

We do not begin any planning until we are confident we know exactly what is required, and what the client’s vision is. We can then draw on our wide experience to start forming ideas and proposals to present. Once there is general agreement to our outline plans, we are then able to present our client with a proposal, preliminary drawings and a quotation.

We are happy to build instruments with either electro-pneumatic or mechanical actions, as we are confident that we are UK market leaders in both.

Nicholson Organs - St Nicholas' Church, Gosforth - Organ Case