Nicholson & Co has considerable experience in the rebuilding of instruments of good pedigree. We are often asked to reverse alterations and changes to restore the integrity of an instrument where it has been compromised by modifications that have not stood the test of time or fashion.

Having completed their evaluation, Nicholson will determine which components are in good mechanical and tonal condition and can be retained and which require replacement. Depending on the state of the components, the rebuilding of an organ is often extensive. We will restore or renew any good actions, although sometimes it is necessary to replace poor actions with more reliable, up-to-date systems. If appropriate a new Nicholson console can be fitted to a rebuilt organ, thus ensuring maximum convenience and comfort for the player.

This rebuilding process ensures that the mechanical life of the instrument is preserved, whilst retaining its original layout and essential tonal features.

Occasionally, it is desirable to re-plan an organ layout or move the instrument to a more suitable location in the building. The proposed site will be measured by laser to ensure accurate dimensions and the organ re-planned by our draughtsman, using computer-aided design (CAD).

Among many examples of a typical rebuild by Nicholson, one of fairly large size can be found at Great Malvern Priory, Worcestershire.

Nicholson Organs - Malvern Priory Organ Case
Nicholson Organs - St Michael's Church, Cornhill Organ Case
Nicholson Organs - St Barnabas, Ealing Renovated Organ
Nicholson Organs - Hereford Cathedral - Organ parts prior to restoration