Renovation (sometimes referred to as ‘cleaning and overhaul’) is the least extensive type of restoration and generally does not require the addition or modification of anything in the instrument.

As the internal parts of an organ reach the end of their mechanical life, become damaged, worn or simply require cleaning with age and usage, Nicholson & Co. is often requested to renovate part, or the whole of an instrument. Such a treatment will typically give a instrument another three or four decades of reliable working life, depending to some extent on what work is undertaken.

As well as undertaking the restoration of pipework, console and external wood surfaces, Nicholson & Co. staff have decades of experience in the repairing and cleaning of all the internal components and are able to renovate anything from small pneumatic motors to soundboards, reservoirs, under-actions – and even old electrical components such as chest-magnets where they are to be retained.

Nicholson Organs - St Mary's, Tottenham - Swell Stop Jamb

Organ blowers will require the attention of a specialist. Nicholson & Co. can advise as to which company might be the most appropriate for any make or size of blower.

Nicholson & Co. also has experience of dealing with bat damage, wood-worm infestation and in advising clients about any asbestos found in an instrument. The company also advises about the need for a humidifier where an organ has dried out excessively through being over-heated. Occasionally the reverse is true and an organ is damp: our staff will advise as to what devices might be installed to maintain optimum humidity within the instrument.

Nicholson Organs - St Mary's Priory Church, Usk Organ Case
Nicholson Organs - St Peter's College, Oxford - Willis Console