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1993 III/40 J.W. Walker & Sons

Clean and overhaul 2019

In June and July 2019, we are undertaking a thorough cleaning and overhaul of the splendid 1993 III/40 J.W. Walker & Sons organ in St Chad’s RC Cathedral, Birmingham.

This acclaimed instrument receives extremely heavy usage, and is often used by organ students at the nearby Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Our work has involved a thorough cleaning of all pipework, mechanism and the splendid Pugin-esque case, which was new in 1993.  The very worn pedalboard has been re-pieced and restored, the similarly worn bench has been re-made with a new internal mechanism, and the action has been thoroughly regulated.

The few collapsing reed basses have been repaired and strengthened, the schwimmer units have been adjusted, the upperboards have been lifted to lubricate the slides, the pipework has been thoroughly tuned, with the minimum necessary attention to regulation and speech, and the organ will soon be ready for another 26 years’ reliable service.