Chaddesley Corbett

Chaddesley Corbett
St Cassian’s Church

In June 2019, we began undertaking a major rebuild of the organ in St Cassian’s Church, Chaddesley Corbett. Built in 1817 by Thomas Elliot of London, the organ has evolved over 200 years, taking its present form from a far-reaching rebuild of 1974 by Bishop & Son of London.

Our 2019 work will include the following:
– all pipework cleaned, repaired and regulated
– adding an Open Diapason 16′ to the Pedal Organ
– adding a derived Harmonic Bass 32′ to the Pedal Organ
– relocating the existing Bourdon 16′ chests and pipework
– full workshop restoration of the Swell Organ soundboard
– replacement of double-rise reservoir with two linked double-rise reservoirs
– restoration of wind system, including replacement of flexible trunking with new of solid timber

– manufacture of a new blower silencing cabinet
– replacement of all cotton-insulated wiring
– replacement of all drawstop solenoids
– addition of Choir to Great coupler
– restoration of the Choir, Great and Swell Organ underactions
– restoration of the Rohr Flute 8′ basses chest

New reservoirs
New Pedal Open 16′ chest
New wiring