Durham – St Oswald’s Church

In 2019 we will be undertaking a major rebuild of the 1988 III/29 Peter Collins organ in St Oswald’s Church, Durham.

The work will include:
– repairs to collapsing façade pipes
– safety improvements to tuning access
– improving access to coupling mechanisms by modifying the Pedal Organ tracker action and re-routing a wind trunk
– restoration of Subbass 16′ chest and associated ventil
– introducing means of bulk adjustment for the coupler beams
– re-palleting Swell Organ soundboard to address problems of insufficient wind supply due to undersized slots
– re-leathering Swell Organ schwimmer and introducing access panel to same
– altering gearing for wind control on wedge reservoir
– cleaning, repair and regulation of all pipework, to be returned to the original Young’s temperament
– re-bushing manual keys
– recovering worn keys
– restoration of pedalboard
– adjustment of Swell Organ expression pedal angle
– re-arranging spacing of combination pedals
– alterations to the mechanical stop action
– overhauling reversible toe levers
– repairing Choir Organ tremulant

Façade pipe repairs