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Reigate – St Mary Magdalene’s Church

In April 2018 we completed a major rebuild of the 1911 Norman & Beard organ in St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Reigate.

The action was converted from pneumatic to electro-pneumatic throughout. The existing en fenêtre console was restored without alteration to its playing aids or period appearance. A new mobile console of modern Nicholson & Co. design, with a full complement of modern playing aids, was added.

In the 1960s, Hill, Norman & Beard replaced a Vox Humana on the Swell Organ with a Larigot 11/3‘, and replaced a Cor Anglais on the Choir Organ with a Block Flute 2’. In our 2017-8 work, the Larigot was discarded, and a second-hand 1910 Norman & Beard Vox Humana was restored and installed in its place. The Block Flute was found to complement the tonal scheme so was retained.

To view/download the specification, click here.

Completed organ
New mobile console




Fixed console


Wind system

Expression boxes