Smaller projects – 2017

Some of our smaller projects in 2017 are listed here. We give the same attention to detail and the same high quality of work to all of the work that we undertake, large or small.

Ayr – St Leonard’s Church

(III/31 1887 Harrison & Harrison; 1910 HS Vincent & Co; 1990 Nicholson & Co.)

Repair of water damage to soundboards

Blackwood, Caerphilly – St Margaret’s Church

(II/19 1994 Nicholson & Co.)

Partial dismantling and re-installation to facilitate repairs to roof and wall of organ chamber. Some restoration work was also undertaken to repair damage to a Pedal Organ chest from rainwater ingress.

Castle Bromwich – St Mary’s and St Margaret’s Church

(II/18 1926 Peter Conacher)

New blower and cabinet with trunking alterations

Cheltenham – St Andrew’s United Reformed Church

(II/15 1886 ‘Father’ Willis)

Restoration of soundboards

Farnham, Surrey – St Thomas-on-the-Bourne Church

(II/28 1911/1990 Nicholson & Co.)

Re-leathering pedal chest

London – St Philip’s Church, Kensington

(III/27 1848 Gray & Davison)

Miscellaneous small repairs including broken Piccolo slider, and full tonal regulation

Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire – Holy Trinity Church

(III/29 1887 Nicholson & Lord; 1937 Hill, Norman & Beard; 1969 John Coulson)

New blower and cabinet

Solihull School

(III/45 1966/2008 Nicholson & Co.)

Fitting additional stepper pistons to key cheeks

Stourport – Wesleyan Methodist Church

(II/15 1863 John Nicholson rebuild of organ by unknown previous builder)

Clean and overhaul

Sutton Coldfield – Oscott College

(III/30 Parsons; 1963 Nicholson & Co.)

Upgrade to piston provision and new capture system

Witley, Oxfordshire – King Edward’s School

(III/31 1891 ‘Father’ Willis / 1951 Willis)

Fitting slider solenoids and restoration of water-damaged pedal chest.

Woolhope, Herefordshire – St George’s Church

(II/15 1862 William Vincent of Liverpool)

Clean, overhaul, and restoration of console

Worcester – St John the Baptist Church, Claines

(II/14 1976 Nicholson & Co.)

Clean, overhaul, new drawstop solenoids, new Swell engine