Smaller projects – 2018

Some of our smaller projects in 2018 are listed here. We give the same attention to detail and the same high quality of work to all of the work that we undertake, large or small.

Abingdon, Oxfordshire – St Nicolas

II/18 1958 Nicholson & Co.

New blower and silencing cabinet

Birmingham – Edgbaston Old Church

(III/43 1857/1890 William Hill & Son, London; 1956 Hill, Norman & Beard, London)

Replacement of 1956 electro-pneumatic slider machines with slider solenoids

Birmingham – St Anne’s Church, Moseley

(II/30 Lewis/Brindley & Foster/Nicholson & Co.)

Restoration of water-damaged Sub Bass/Bass Flute chest.

Bristol – St Monica Trust

(III/29 1895 ‘Father’ Willis / 1926 Harrison & Harrison / 1974 J.W. Walker & Sons / 2007 Tony Cawston)

Restoration, repair and strengthening to lowest 14 pipes of Ophicleide 16′.

Darwen, Lancashire – St Peter’s Church

(III/34 1887 Jardine / 1934 Binns, Fitton & Haley)

Restoration and re-leathering of all slider machines.

Dudley – Holy Trinity Church, Wordsley

(III/36 Bevington/Nicholson & Lord, subsequently rebuilt and enlarged)

Restoration of Roosevelt actions on Octave Diapason 8′ chest and on Bourdon 16’/Bass Flute 8′ chest.

Edinburgh – Old St Paul’s Episcopal Church

(II/31 1888 ‘Father’ Willis / 1977 Nicholson & Co. / 2000 Nicholson & Co.)

Installation of Cymbelstern as a thanksgiving by the congregation for 30 years’ service as organist by Dr John Kitchen.

Fawkham, Kent – St Mary’s Church

Manufacture and installation of a new C# sharp key to replace one attacked by woodworm.

Kemerton, Gloucestershire – St Nicholas’ Church

(II/20 1852 John Nicholson)

Restoration of all four reed stops (Trumpet 8′, Cornopean 8′, Clarion 4′ and Oboe 8′)

Little Malvern Priory

II/9 1882 William Hill & Son

New blower and silencing cabinet

London – St Mary’s RC Church, Cadogan Street

Attention to console woodwork and new blower switch.

Newent, Gloucestershire – St Mary’s Church

II/17 1903 Norman & Beard in what is thought to be an 18th-century case by Richard Bridge

Repairs to and redecoration of façade pipes

Pudleston, Herefordshire – St Peter’s Church

(II/8 1914 William Hill & Son)

Re-leathering of concussion bellows

Suckley, Worcestershire – Church of St John the Baptist

(I/6 1879 John Nicholson)

Dismantling and re-erection in different position in church

Sutton Coldfield – St Peter’s Church, Maney

(III/31 1893/1938/2006 Nicholson & Co.)

Repairs to wind trunking and re-leathering of concussion units

West Bromwich – All Saints’ Church

(III/37 1897 Brindley & Foster / 1947/8 Harris / 2001 Nicholson & Co.)

Restoration of facade pipe chest.

Whitbourne, Herefordshire – Church of St John the Baptist

(II/10 1890 Nicholson & Co.)

Complete restoration of Great Organ soundboard and pipework following water damage

Wolverhampton – St Thomas’ Church, Wednesfield

(III/19 1902 Nicholson & Lord)

Restoration of Swell off note chest.