Smaller projects – 2019

Some of our smaller projects in 2019 are listed here. We give the same attention to detail and the same high quality of work to all of the work that we undertake, large or small.

Birmingham – Hall Green Baptist Church

(II/29 1902 Ingram, Hope-Jones & Co. for Highgate Park Baptist Church, Birmingham, rebuilt here 1936 by Compton Organ Co.)

Repairs to Swell Organ soundboard to free bound Stopped Flute 4′ slider.

Kington Langley, Wiltshire – St Peter’s Church

(II/14 1899 Griffen & Stroud)

Clean and overhaul.

Malvern, Worcestershire – Great Malvern Priory

(IV/47 1850/1862/1880/1907 John Nicholson; 1927 Rushworth & Dreaper; 2004 Nicholson & Co.)

Addition of stepper

Winchester – Winchester College Chapel

(III/37 1984 Mander)

New thumb pistons, regulation of mechanical action, and repairs to collapsing reed basses.

Worcester – Baptist Church

(III/30 of unknown builder and date, installed here 1975)

Re-leathering all three reservoirs, repairs to collapsing reeds, fitting new Swell Organ expression box engine, new blower silencing cabinet, repairs to wind leaks

Cradley, Herefordshire – Church of St James the Great

(II/15 1874 John Nicholson; 1989 Trevor Tipple)

Complete dismantling, removal and subsequent re-installation to facilitate replacement of flooring in church, including beneath the organ. The double-rise reservoir will be releathered and miscellaneous small repairs undertaken.

London – Welsh Church of Central London

1908 Alfred Hunter & Son

Addition of Choir to Great coupler

Plumtree, Nottinghamshire – Church of St Mary the Virgin

(II/17 1877 Wordsworth & Maskell, Leeds; 1959 Wragg, Nottingham; 2005/7 Principal Pipe Organs, York)

Re-palleting 2005 Choir Organ soundboard to lighten touch.

Wellington, Shropshire – Wrekin College

(III/31 1937 Rushworth & Dreaper / 2004 Nicholson & Co.)

New blower and silencing cabinet

Welwyn – St Mary’s Church

1992 II/26 Nicholson & Co.

Replacement of slider motors with slider solenoids, and repairs to mechanical action.