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Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

In late 2017, we completed the relocation of the famous Eule/Hill, Norman & Beard organ from its home in the previous building of the Birmingham Conservatoire, to the brand-new building of the renamed Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, opened in autumn 2017.

This famous instrument was built in 1936 by Hill, Norman & Beard Ltd, with pipework and voicing by Eule of Bautzen in the south-east of Germany, as a house organ for Lady Susi Jeans. It was a wedding present from her husband, the eminent physicist Sir James Jeans.

After Lady Jeans’ death, her former home at Cleveland Lodge, Dorking, became the headquarters of the Royal School of Church Music in 1996. Renovation of the organ, started by Harrison & Harrison in 1999, was completed by Nicholson & Co. in 2006 when we moved the organ from Cleveland Lodge to Birmingham Conservatoire, re-leathered the wind reservoir and recovered the keys. The bleached casework was stripped and refinished in its original colour and the whole organ elevated on a platform and provided with side casework matching the concert hall furnishings.

We are delighted to have supported the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and its staff and students in their move to a brand-new building, by ensuring that this historic instrument continues to support and facilitate music-making by new generations of students.

In Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
In former Birmingham Conservatoire
In Cleveland Lodge
In its former home of Cleveland Lodge