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Irton, Cumbria


Historical restoration of II/18 1874 John Nicholson organ

We are honoured to have been commissioned to undertake the complete restoration of the II/18 1874 John Nicholson organ in St Paul’s Church, Irton, on the west coast of Cumbria.

The work will include the reversal of a few alterations the organ has sustained:

  • the non-original radiating/concave pedalboard will be replaced with a new straight/concave pedalboard copied from a surviving John Nicholson example.
  • the pedal octave coupler, discarded when the original pedalboard was removed, will similarly be re-constructed.
  • the uppermost rank of the Swell Mixture is missing and will be made new in the John Nicholson style.

A new electric blower is to be provided, and the mostly surviving hand-blowing apparatus is to be re-completed and fully restored as well. The expression box will retain its present lever mechanism.